Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about owning a holiday home and staying at Chiverton Park

Q. How much is the annual pitch fee?

A. This depends on whether you opt to have 8 months or 10 months.  You can choose each year which option you take when the invoice arrives. Please contact us for the current pitch fee.


Q. What are the annual costs associated with owning a static Holiday home i.e. gas, electricity, water/sewerage, rates?

A. It will vary according to use but an average for our owners is between £800 and £1100.  All gas and electricity is metered and this is in addition to your pitch fee.


Q. Do I need to insure my Static Holiday Home?

A. All private owners are required to have adequate insurance cover for their Static Holiday Home and we require a copy of your insurance each year.


Q. I have got a Static holiday home on another park; can I move it to Chiverton Park?

A. No, we only sell our own selection of new and used Holiday Homes that are in keeping with the lay out and the ambience of the park.


Q. Can I pick my own New Holiday Home rather than what’s on offer?

A. If we have a suitable pitch vacant then we can source the Holiday Home of your choice.  We do however; reserve the right to refuse a Holiday Home if it is not in keeping with the rest of the park.


Q. Can I live at Chiverton Park?

A. We are confident that you will enjoy using your caravan holiday home for your holidays at our park.  It is very important to understand that your holiday home may not be used as your main residence and we reserve the right to ask for proof of your address i.e. a council tax bill.  The park is closed from the 1st January until the 1st March.


Q. Do I get a legal agreement here at Chiverton Park?

A. Yes, we are members of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association and you will have the security of a legally binding agreement formulated between the National Caravan Council and BH&HPA.


Q. Can I have post delivered to Chiverton Park?

A. No, if post were delivered as a matter of course this would indicate the holiday home is being used as a sole or main place of residence.


Q. I am retired and want to use the Caravan Holiday Home all the time?

A. You can use your holiday home as much as you like during the season, but it must not be your main residence.


Q. Can I run a business from the holiday home?

A. No you cannot run a business from the holiday home as this would not be consistent with holiday use.  However, if someone wanted to keep in touch with their work or business whilst they are on holiday for example, the could use a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Q. Can I register for Council Tax in order to obtain Housing Benefit?

A. No, business rates and not Council Tax are charged for Caravan Holiday Homes.  Paying Council Tax or receiving Housing Benefit to pay the pitch fees would be taken as strongly indicating the holiday home is being used as a main residence.


Q.  What happens if I break the holiday restriction?

A. Your licence agreement with us contains your undertaking to comply with the holiday condition and if you broke that we would ask you to stop doing so.  If you were to fail to comply, we would be entitled to terminate the agreement and to ask you to remove the caravan holiday home.  The planning authority might also take action against you for breach of the holiday condition by serving an Enforcement Notice.


Q. Can we let our Static Holiday Home to a third party?

A. You may only allow the use of your holiday home to family and friends but we do not allow the commercial letting of holiday homes to take place.


Q. What if I decided to change my Static Holiday Home or move from Chiverton Park?

A. There are a number of options open to you as an owner:

  • You may part exchange for a new Static Holiday Home in which case the park would look to purchase your Holiday Home (We reserve the right not to purchase)
  • You may sell your holiday home to a third party on the pitch in accordance with the BH&HPA Licence Agreement. A commission of 15% plus VAT is payable to us on relase of the Static Holiday Home.
  • You may sell the Static Holiday Home to a third party off the park in which case there will be a charge to disconnect the Static Holiday Home of £400 plus VAT.


Q. Can I have decking fitted to my Static Holiday Home?

A. Yes, most of our owners have decking.  They are all bespoke and made to your requirements and or budget. However, you must use our approved decking supplier PVS Fit-Rite and they will arrange to meet with you to talk about options.


Q. Do you allow dogs at Chiverton Park?

A. Yes but we kindly ask that you adhere to the site rules.


Q. Can I have a storage shed?

A. Yes, we have an approved supplier Trimetals and you order directly from us and we will even build it for you!


Q. Are private owners at Chiverton Park allowed to use the Gym, Sauna and Steam Room facilities?

A. Yes, all private owners have use of these facilities but it is over 18’s only.


Q. Is WIFI available at Chiverton Park?

A. Yes and we have high speed broadband however an annual fee applies.

Have you got another question?

If you think we have missed some frequently asked questions please contact us.

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